Day 0 – The Weigh In

I’m Karen. When Meomeo Diet Community mentioned the 3 week diet to me I volunteered to test it out. My niece is getting married in the summer and knowing that there’s no way of avoiding being in the wedding photos, I am determined not to be horribly embarrassed by them this time.

For me the weight has crept on gradually. It started in my mid 30s and I’ve steadily increased in clothes size since then (I’m 46 now). I’ve tried a few of different diets, but they’ve never worked out well. I’ve also tried exercising and that’s been good for a few weeks until something happens which makes it difficult to fit into my crammed schedule. Then the exercise gets dropped. After all, it’s not like I enjoy it 🙁

So now I’m the biggest I’ve ever been. I really notice that all my clothes are tight. My blouses strain across my bust if I stand with my shoulders back, so I have to be a bit round shouldered to preserve my modesty. I’m on the end hole of my belt. And when I bend down to tie my shoelaces, I have to undo the button on my waistband! I suppose more that that though, I just generally feel lethargic, and slightly out of sorts. I put it down to carrying all this extra blubber around.

So I’m hoping for a significant weight loss. I know that after dieting a few pounds usually creep back on, but if I lose enough weight even if I gain a few pounds I’ll still be much slimmer than before. And 21 days is doable. Although I don’t have huge amounts of willpower, I think if the weight drops as promised, then I’ll be able to keep it up.

At the initial weigh in I was resigned to learn that 44.7% of my body was fat. I know that for optimum health it should be 20% – 30% for a woman so I have a way to go. My BMI of 31.5 was also solidly in the obese category. If I can make it to merely overweight by the end of the 3 weeks, it’ll be a good start!

If you want to follow the diet with me, you can get it here

Intial Weights and Measures

Body Fat Measurement Notes

Of course the measurements depending on where round the body I take them, so for the arm and thigh I’ve picked handy moles as markers to try and ensure that I measure always in the same place.

For the body fat measurements, as you can see in the picture above I have one of those little machines where you enter your vital statistics, hold the handles and it uses a tiny electric current to measure your % body fat and calculate BMI. It’s not suggested in the instructions, but I thought it would be interesting – and perhaps add motivation.

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