Day 6, 7, 8 of the 3 Week Diet

It’s always motivating when I stand on the scales and see another pound less on the dial. And I think that’s what keeps me going despite the fact that my body feels like it’s been drained of all energy.

This 3 week diet is pretty exhausting.  Arranging to eat the correct food isn’t too difficult, and interestingly I don’t even feel like snacking, however my body feels knackered.  I managed a mile on the treadmill this morning and once I got into a rhythm it was fine, but later on, walking up two flights of stairs nearly killed me!

Today was also the day when we had to sit down and do the menu plan for the next phase of the diet.

Producing a menu plan turned out to be a little more difficult than I had anticipated. I settled on a plan which I guessed would give me the correct proportion of fat in our diet for the next phase.  However then I re-read the instructions to discover that for me, there was a maximum of 1200 calories per day.

Once I’d checked the internet to discover that 1 medium avocado = 250 calories I realised that there was pretty much no chance that the of the menu I had arranged coming in at that low value. High-fat food is also highly calorific as each gram of fat provides 9 cal, whereas each gram of carbohydrate and protein is only 4 cal. So if you’re counting calories as well as upping the fat content it’s a bit of a delicate balance.

Day 7

Bodywise, today was even grimmer than yesterday.  I’m not taking to this detox diet thing well, I don’t feel lighter and cleaner yet, perhaps my body has lots of toxins to get rid of!  I’m not cheating much, apart from the odd cup of coffee when everything gets a bit much.

In the afternoon I really did feel awful and I wondered if it was lack of carbohydrates, so I made the executive decision to have a very small portion of quinoa with my dinner – it was the least processed carb I could think of and thus hopefully would at least be a slow release unlike say sugar or fruit.

Day 8 – Feeling slimmer and more energetic!

Today I really felt like I’d turned a corner.  I’d noticed in the morning that my legs didn’t feel nearly so bad. I actually felt quite lively, not hungry and after yesterday when I felt awful I actually felt quite well.  I noticed I could walk up the stairs without my legs aching for the first time in days.

I had wondered if it was as a result of adding carbs last night, but when I compared notes with my friend who I had persuaded to do this along with me, she also said that today she also felt like a new woman!

I was quite relieved.  All this effort and I’d finished first week 7.5 pounds lighter and now I was actually feeling really good.

One of the options for today was to fast for the day. I was pretty unsure about doing this because I’d felt so ill yesterday, but today it was a different story.  I managed to book a haircut over lunchtime which I thought would probably distract from any hunger pangs.

As I got ready to go out I noticed that I could do up my shoelaces without having to undo my belt.  A result! And then a good chat with the hairdresser and I forgot all about feeling hungry.

By the time I ate dinner I wasn’t too hungry and despite having cooked lots because I hadn’t eaten all day, I couldn’t eat is all.

I was feeling much better about the whole diet. And looking forward to the next phase which starts in the morning.

If you want to follow the diet with me, you can try it here or to you could find out more from 3 week diet review here.

Weights and Measures

Still happy with the drop in body fat percentage!

All measurements taken first thing in the morning before breakfast.

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